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Sammamish Landing Condominium Governing Documents Proposed Revisions

The Sammamish Landing Declaration of Condominium was originally recorded on May 14, 1980, subjecting the Association to the Horizontal Property Regime Act. Since that time, Washington State adopted the Washington Condominium Act (WAC) as of July 1, 1990. Certain provisions of the WAC apply to condominiums created before that date and some amendments to the WAC apply to all condominiums. In addition, our Declaration, as it is currently written, references rights, obligations, duties, and/or warranties of the original Developer. These references are now obsolete and need to be removed. It was recommended by our attorney that the requirement to amend the Declaration be set at 67% of voting members rather than 75% to bring it into alignment with the WAC and current practice.

For these reasons, the Association held a Town Hall Meeting with members in February 2016a. Based on the direction of the voting members in attendance, the Board retained Ken Strauss of the law firm of Flanagan Strauss, PLLC at a cost of $8500 to review and rewrite our Declaration and other governing documents to ensure that said documents can withstand legal challenges, to remove all obsolete references, and to bring the documents into alignment with industry standards and the current Washington Condominium Act.

Three separate documents and their accompanying amendments were reviewed and restated during this process. The restated documents are posted on the Sammamish Landing website: for review by Unit Owners. – These documents include the:
• Restated Declaration of Condominium for Sammamish Landing
• Amended and Restated Bylaws of Sammamish Landing Homeowners Association
• Sammamish Landing Condominium Rules and Regulations (Restated 2017)
The existing documents required an extensive rewrite to remove the obsolete material and add new requirements, which rendered any red-line versions of the documents virtually unreadable. To simplify review of the restated documents by the SL Unit Owners, all new or added clauses appear in blue ink on the posted documents. Comment boxes have been inserted to explain significant changes to existing clauses. Finally, a summary of most changes, including the removal of certain clauses, is provided for each of the three documents in Attachment A to this letter.

Any questions regarding the changes, additions, or deletions should be directed to a Board member.
Adoption of the Restated Declaration and Amended and Restated Bylaws will require 75% approval of the total voting members of Sammamish Landing Condominiums.

Respectfully Yours,

The Sammamish Landing Condominium Board of Directors
Bob Aye (308)
Dallas Grack (111)
Tommy Curtain (104)
Jan Clayton (off-site)
Taree Bollinger (102)




RULES 3-20

Trestle Community Management has moved

Trestle Community Management has moved to a new office location. Our office address is now: Trestle Community Management 2100 124th Ave NE, Suite 110 Bellevue, WA 98005 This office is in the “2100” building next to our old office, and right on the corner of 124th Ave NE and Northrup Way. All of our phone numbers and email addresses ...

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Town Hall Meeting: Thursday, February 18th, 2016

As discussed at the annual meeting, the Sammamish Landing Board of Directors will be holding a Town Hall meeting on February 18th at 6:30 PM. The meeting will be held on site at the west end of the 1st floor hallway. The purpose of this meeting is to discuss our governing documents and potential updates ...

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$150 Move in fee now in effect

As per the announcement at the annual general meeting there will now be a $150 move in fee. This fee is to cover the added wear and tear to building which is caused by moving in. There is no move out fee. Thanks, Sammamish Landing HOA Board

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Ant Bait Traps

The Sammamish Landing HOA has a contract with Able Pest Control to keep insects and pests out of our building. As part of this contract owners are able to get free bait traps if they are having any issues with insects in their unit. If needed, please contact: Able Pest Control 206-575-9877 Thanks, Sammamish Landing HOA Board

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Upcoming Meetings

Annual Meeting: Wednesday, January 18th, 2017

Our annual meeting is scheduled to take place on Wednesday, October 18th, 2017. The meeting will begin at 6:00 pm, and will be held at Sammamish Landing. As a reminder, all homeowners are welcome to attend. However, we ask you to abide by the code of conduct you will be presented at the meeting. Thank ...

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