Car Prowl Warning From Redmond Police

Hi everyone,

It appears we may have had an issue with someone siphoning gas under the carport last night (May 3, 2011). In discussing the issue with the police department, they warned us to be on alert. There have been several similar incidents, as well as many car prowls in the neighborhood recently.

Please remember to secure your vehicle at all times while left unattended. Additionally, remove any valuables from view to discourage robbers looking for an easy smash and grab. GPS devices are popular targets for thieves.

As a precaution, the police have recommended that individuals concerned about potential siphoning purchase a locking gas cap.

Finally, since the car wash is currently not operational, the hose will be removed pending completion of the repairs in order to discourage similar crimes. Residents who believe they may have been targeted in last night’s crime are asked to contact the Redmond police department to report the crime. Residents parking in spots 25 & 26, and the corresponding spots on the south side of the carport near where the hose was found should pay particular attention.

Thank you,
The Sammamish Landing Board

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