You are entitled to the following from Comcast

Every month your HOA fees pay for cable from Comcast. As part of the package, each unit is entitled to get the following:

  • Channels 2-99
  • 1 digital box (which gives you access to On Demand channels) and 1 digital to analog converter

This should all be included with no additional charges. If you want additional channels, digital boxes, HD channels, or internet that will be an additional charge and will need to be handled directly through Comcast.

We have been told that if you are having trouble receiving these services you should tell a Comcast representative to “Look at my house screen notes”. All problems should be handled directly through Comcast and they can be reached at 1-800-COMCAST (266-2278)

If you are having trouble we’d like to hear about it if Comcast is not following through with their obligations. Please email the board via the contact form.

Sammamish Landing Board

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