Parking lot seal coating


Wednesday, May 9 we will be performing maintenance on the parking area. This maintenance will consist of seal coating and re-striping the entire lot. This work should be completed in 1 day. The contractor will be arriving at 7:30 AM, at which time all vehicles must be removed from the asphalt parking area. Any vehicles not removed will be TOWED AWAY AT OWNER’S EXPENSE.

During the seal coating and striping, all vehicles including boat trailers must be removed and there will be ABSOLUTELY NO VEHICLE TRAFFIC OR FOOT TRAFFIC on the section of pavement being worked on until the next morning. In order to get to your homes, you will need to use the designated pathways through the work area to allow you to gain access to your unit. If you are uncertain about a route please ask the contractor before proceeding anywhere near the parking lot surface. The contractor will have barricades, cones, and caution tape denoting areas to stay off. When the asphalt is ready to be driven on, the contractor will remove the barricades. We apologize for any inconveniences this may cause.

Please note dry and warmer weather are necessities for this project to commence. If it is too cold or raining the project will have to be postponed. In addition, the asphalt sealer takes longer to dry in shady areas. There may be a few wet areas of sealer the next morning, so please watch for these remaining coned off sections. Walking in wet sealer will ruin the appearance of the seal coat and destroy your shoes. Please look for notices posted around the property for updates on the status of this project. Currently, if Wednesday, May 9th is not adequate for the project, the project will be performed on Thursday, May 10th.


Rainier Asphalt and McCue Management

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